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Happy relationships rely on everyone appreciating and accommodating each other's needs and concerns.

About Relationship Enrichment

1) How would Relationship Enrichment course be done?

g2g will help you identify the factors that are affecting or potentially affecting the relationship you have with other people. We will teach you basic skills to understand other’s needs and concerns, to improve communications, to manage conflict and to identify negative communication patterns that are harmful to relationships. By taking a proactive/preventive approach in relationship enhancement rather than a remedial approach, we believe that you can establish happy and healthy relationships with people around you. The results does not only benefit your marriage but will also be extended to your social and work lives.

2) Who should take the Relationship Enrichment course?

All kinds of people who are seeking to rebuild or improve relationships: young, old, middle aged; happy couples looking to find ways to experience even more joy; couples who has communication problem; people trying to decide if their partner is "the right one," singles looking to figure out what it takes to have a lasting relationship, parents struggling with coping and communicating with their teenage children; and people who have difficulties building good working relationship with others. g2g’s Relationship Enrichment course is designed to suit all sorts of different people in different situations to grow, learn and change.

3) Can g2g’s Relationship Enrichment course be conducted privately?

Private class can be arranged at a different charging method. However, you should not underestimate the power of group session. You may hesitate to talk in front of other people. You can learn just from hearing other people share and practicing the exercises with your partner or another member of the class. The group ultimately provides a safe place to try out new skills and feels. For most people the environment is very safe and accepting. It also allows people witness a change and growth in others. Participants would realize how normal they are in their own struggles, realizing that learning to navigate relationship challenges is something every couple shares in common.

4) How many participants will be in a class/course?

g2g’s Relationship Enrichment course can be done in groups of minimum 12 people or as large as a seminar of over 100 people.

5) Is there a predictable agenda to the courses?

There will be a specific agenda set for the course so that participants know what to expect.

6) I don’t have serious conflict with other people, why should I attend a Relationship Enhancement course?

Even healthy relationships need more nurturing from time to time. Relationships demand many things of us and as we grow these demands change and we need to be willing to change with them. Having effective relationships that meet our needs requires us to be willing to learn and change the way we relate.

Many couples who are happy with their relationship say it is good to learn new ways of relating, communicating and resolving conflicts. Relationship Enrichment courses provide you with information and skills on a range of relationship issues.

7) How do I get started?

Simply contact us and tell us your needs.