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About g2g

g2g was set up by Winston and Alison Siu, who truly believe that mediation can bring harmony into our world. When mediation first entered into Winston and Alison’s lives, they immediately realized the benefits of applying mediation skills to enrich their own relationships as well as their relationships with others.Read More...

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process for resolving disputes between parties with the facilitation of a neutral mediator. This mediator assists the disputing parties in finding mutually acceptable (win-win) solutions to their disputes between parties with the facilitation of a neutral mediator.Read More...



Mediation Skills Training for Executives and Professionals with over 10 Years of Working Experience

3, 17, 24 Feb 2, 9 Mar 2024 (0900 to 1800 daily)
Deadline: 15 Jan 2024
Fee: HK$19,000 (Materials included)


HKMAAL Accredited
Call 2530 3321 or email winston@g2g.hk for enquiries



"The mediation was very professionally done and many issues pertaining to the improvement of the office atmosphere were identified and mediated in a very smooth way."

An international organisation

“Excellent balance of theory & practice. Trainers are very experienced and accessible at all times & supportive.”

A barrister who attended g2g’s Advanced Mediation Course

What is Workplace Enhancement?

Workplace conflict is costly. It produces negative energy among co-workers and lower productivity. Workplace enhancement provides you the tools to identify conflicts at work and deal with them effectively.Read More...

What is Relationship Enrichment?

Developing and maintaining relationships is a life-long commitment. After a time, we too easily assume that we know our partner, their thoughts and their intentions. Our knowledge of our partner is rarely complete. Allow yourself the honesty to accept this incompleteness.Read More...