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Good communications promotes a happy, stable and healthy marriage. A happy family enhances your social and work lives. A happy family enhances your social and work lives.

What is Relationship Enrichment?

Developing and maintaining relationships is a life-long commitment. After a time, we too easily assume that we know our partner, their thoughts and their intentions. Our knowledge of our partner is rarely complete. Allow yourself the honesty to accept this incompleteness.

g2g will help you identify the factors that are affecting or potentially affecting the relationship you have with other people. We will teach you basic skills to understand other’s needs and concerns, to improve communications, to manage conflict and to identify negative communication patterns that are harmful to relationships. By taking a preventive approach in relationship enhancement rather than a remedial approach, we believe that you can establish happy and healthy relationships with people around you. The good effect does not only benefit your marriage but will also be extended to your social and work lives.

What areas can Relationship Enrichment be applied?

(A) Marriage Enrichment

No matter who you are, male or female, rich or poor, regardless of your culture or background, you want your marriage to go well. When couples get married on the first day, they are painting their dreams and their positive future. However, there are highs and lows, struggles and good times in a marriage.

All couples have strengths and struggles but no marriage is perfect. Besides, everyone is different; people tend to see the “front end” of their partner at the beginning stage of the relationship and at good times. Yet, there is the “back end” that requires both parties to work hard on.

g2g truly believes that happy, stable and healthy marriage would bring enormous benefits to both the adults and the children. Children living with happy parents will achieve better academic results and better peer relationships. Adults living in a healthy marriage tend to be more productive, earn more money and live an overall more happy life. g2g therefore offers education programmes to couples in enriching their marriage, helping them to preserve a lasting, fulfilling love.

(B) Family Relationship Enrichment

When family members cannot communicate well, they always blame it on having generation gap. How long exactly is a generation gap? A biological generation may be anywhere from fifteen to eighteen years apart from its predecessor. In reality, people regard 10 years as a generation gap and there is a tendency that such period is shortening.

What constitute a generation gap? Remember that everyone is different. Although you come from the same family, you have different experiences, different expectations and different exposures in terms of environment and people. It is only when you know the needs and concerns of the other party that you know why they behave in such a way. Also, two-way communications in an open and respectful manner also results in effective communications.

g2g is dedicated to help family members enhance their communication skills so as to achieve a loving and caring family.

(C) RISe© (Relationship Improvement Session) for Workplace

How much time are you spending at work every day? Deducting the time for rest, most people would probably spend more time in the office than at home. However, conflict at work seems inevitable. You may be facing personality clash with your co-workers, different expectations of management or communications style, different values with team mates etc. Such breakdown in relationships would make you feel upset, angry, find it difficult to communicate and tend to form alliances. Does that help in your work? The answer is definitely negative. It is only through rebuilding effective communication that relationships can be restored. Also early intervention in workplace dispute is most fruitful.

g2g trusts that RISe© can help improving working relationships, hence promoting co-operation, creativity, efficiency and productivity in corporations. Happy employees will also enjoy good health, blissful family and pleasant social live.

For more information on g2g's RISe© for Workplace, please contact us.